Jun 27 17 8:08 AM

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Since I want to be able to use my Warlord Games Dragoon horse holders I decided to modify how Dragoons work slightly.  I gave Dragoons two different movement stats and two different firing stats as well as a new special rule. 

Dragoons | Attack 7+, Move 5+, Shoot 6+, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, POINTS 4, Attack value 5+, Defence value 6, Shoot value/Range 5+/18" (DMTD) : 7+/8" (MTD), Maximum Movement 12"(mtd) /6" (dmtd), Special Rules: Skirmish (7+ & -1 shoot) / Evade / Mtd Slow Reload  (Mounted Slow Reload represents the difficulty of reloading while moving mounted.  For this special rule, Mounted Dragoons can only fire every other turn if they moved immediately after shooting.  If they don't move they fire as normal for mounted.)

I have tried it once in a game and if forces you to use dragoons as mobile infantry if you want them to be effective which is how they were used in this period.  I need to try a few more games to get the rough spots worked out but so far I like it.  I'd like to hear thoughts from other Pikeman's Lament players.