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Jul 3 17 5:50 AM

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I was thinking about including rules for war machines in DR. I red the optional rules for artillery written by Dan in the LR Forum, but as he said, these rules are for a period where black powder was an exception.

What about universes where this technology is habitual? I am thinking in rules to represent vehicles such as the Da Vinci's tank, or some warmachines of Old Warhammer as the Imperial Steam Tank or the Skaven machinery. 

First, I used the Greater Warbeast profile, but how a vehicle is going to tend to charge an enemy with a ferocious charge? Also, 6 wounds look very short for a raging machine... I also used the profile of Heavy Missiles with Venomous special rule, but they are quite weak.... Perhaps, inventing a profile to specify strength and resistence, but a mechanical mindless unit not used to attack in combat an enemy....

Have you think about that before? Do you use some rules to show it?

What profile would you suggest?
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Jul 3 17 10:03 AM

Greater Warbeast with ranged attack seems like a perfect fit for the Steam Tank. It still has Armour 4 so won't take that much damage when attacked. It just needs something making it immune to arrows and that it can't cross obstacles or enter rough ground.

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Jul 5 17 3:31 PM

Greater Warbeast is the obvious rule. But, do you think that a range of 12" is enought? To make it immune to arrows could use the rule Invisible, and the rules of chariots can be taken from the Heavy Riders. 

I suggest a profile like this:

Warmachine represents any fantastic raging machine prepared to crush the enemy wherever it found him. 

UNIT NAME WarmachinePOINTS      6      
Attack7+Attack value3+
Move6+Defence value6
Shoot6+Shoot value5+/18"
Courage3+Max. Movement 10"
Armour4Strength Points6

  • Rolling: Unit may not enter rough terrain or cross walls, ditches, or similar.
  • Best Defense is Good Ofense: Shoot value is removed and replaced with Attack 5+.
  • Any 'Fantastical Rules', except Spellcaster, Summoner and Cleric/Slayer.

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#3 [url]

Jul 8 17 1:08 AM

I used Heavy Riders with missiles for my DaVinci armoured car in my army (constrained by points total) . Invisible chariots looks the better option but foot speed seems more appropriate

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